Would Aaliyah Still Be Alive?

While listening to everything going on related to R. Kelly, a strange thought crossed my mind. Is it possible that Aaliyah would have still been alive if they would have gone after Kells for marrying her? Weird thought, but hear me out.

First off I just want to say that I am disgusted at all the things that are coming out. We knew he was bad, but until the allegations of sex cults started popping up and victims started coming out, I don’t think we realized the extent of it. Or maybe we loved his music so much that we wanted to look past it. I wasn’t into watching sex tapes when the whole trial was going on, so that really did kinda go over my head when he was proven not guilty, and I had nothing else to base my judgment of the case off of. Now, that I’m older and know and understand a little bit more about what was going on, I’m just trying to figure out how he isn’t already locked up.

He is supposedly creating a website to out all the victims as liars or whatever, but either way, he married a 15 year old and made a sex tape with a 14 year old…so yeah. Even if they are all liars, we still know enough about him to admit he’s got some sick issues.

A lot of people are asking where were the parents…which is a damn good question to ask. I don’t care how much money a man had; my parents would have NEVER let me hang out with a grown ass man as a teenager. I don’t know much about the parents of the victims that appeared on Lifetime, but I do want to touch on the sex tape victim’s parents and Aaliyah’s parents before I explain my theory.

Ms. Landfair (the alleged victim in the sex tape) denied that it was her in the tape and her parents denied it too even though there was quite a bit of evidence proving that it was her. Some might believe that they were afraid to go up against R. Kelly, but the thing is her dad was his guitarist and continued to work with him even after the trial. Rumors have it that she was still in his sex cult or whatever up until a few years ago, but I’m not sure if that’s been confirmed or not. Sparkle (Ms. Landfair’s aunt) believes that Kelly must have paid them off. Just imagined how different things would have been if they would have gone to trial and told the truth? He would have been locked up and probably spared other women from what they claimed they went through. Now, let’s go back even further…

When R. Kelly married Aaliyah, he was 27, and she was 15. They had documents forged to make it appear as though she was 18. As soon as her parents found out, they had it annulled, but the one thing they didn’t do was try and take R. Kelly to court. I believe in the document a former backup dancer claimed to have seen Kelly having sex with Aaliyah, and there were even rumors that she might have been pregnant by him at some point. None of them can be confirmed because unfortunately Aaliyah is no longer with us and I doubt Kells will ever admit to any of it. Her mother claims that none of it is true because she and her husband was with Aaliyah everywhere she went, but where were yall when she got married? Oh. Ok. Either way, they could have taken him to court then. Granted, I can understand that it was in a different time and Aaliyah was still up and coming, but they could have taken him down. Hell, all they needed was the marriage license, and he would have been gone. Maybe. I don’t know. We live in a weird world, but here’s where my theory comes into play.

Think of it as a butterfly effect. What if they would have taken him to court over the illegal marriage to their daughter? That would have changed the entire outcome of Aaliyah’s career whether good or bad. It would have given her life an entirely different narrative. Maybe she would have left music. Perhaps she would have blown up even more. Due to the change of events, she might not have been on the plane that day when it crashed. Maybe she would have still been alive to this day.

Now, I’m not saying that them not going to court is why she died. I’m just saying that a change that big would have affected her entire life and put her in a different place and possibly had her somewhere else than on that plane that particular day.

The same way it would have changed her life, it would have also changed a lot of events. If he had been charged and sentenced, there probably wouldn’t be an infamous pee sex tape. Maybe some of the alleged victims wouldn’t be victims, there’s a lot of music that would be gone, and that’s an entirely different chain of events within itself because not only would his music be gone, but quite a few artist’s biggest hits would be gone as well.

Isn’t it crazy how one event can change so much?



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