So, I was thinking…

Here’s a weird analogy that I came up with to describe how hard it is to get rid of a dude you don’t need and can’t let go of. It involves cake and taste buds so here it goes.

What if I told you that I was going to give you the best piece of cake you ever ate in your entire life. I was going to have you taste different foods, figure out what you like, and design it personalized for your taste buds only. Never in your life will you have a piece of cake this perfect for you.* BUT while I make this cake, I’mma give you some iight cake. Like it’s good, but you know something better is out there. Well, it’s been some years now. You found a piece of cake that’s pretty good…I mean…it’s iight. It’s not really better than all the other cakes, but it’s something about it that makes it hard to put it down….and you know damn well it’s the piece with the most calories that you DON’T NEED** (no lie, I giggled to myself writing this because I yelled the don’t need part in my head). But it’s just one thing you like about it more. Maybe you get BIGGER pieces of this cake. I don’t know…

Now, you know your perfect cake is coming, but you can’t get it until you say fuck this cake, I’mma wait on my perfect cake. But damn…you don’t know when the other piece of cake coming…It could be tomorrow…but then you gone be too full on this cake to even enjoy it. Could be next week…but then you gotta go a whole week without sweets…and I doubt it will be next week. What’s one more bite of this other cake gone do? I can eat it one more week then I’mma quit eating it and wait for my perfect cake…but then at some point you get tired of waiting or think that they was just bullshittin you bout that perfect cake anyways so you just stick with this cake that you know isn’t good for you. At some point you realize that you’ve settled for this cake even though you know there’s better cake out there…

The moral of this story is don’t settle for him just cause he has a big dick. You could be missing out on your perfect man 🙂

*I know some of you out there are like, “But I don’t like cake [insert snarled up face here]. This so doesn’t apply to me…*[said person trails off into other meaningless thought]. Ummmm, put in your fave whatever. Doesn’t even have to be food. Just an item you love that can be personalized to you. Gosh! [And yes, I said that like Napoleon Dynamite.]

**”I got a high metabolism. I don’t care about calories, bruh.” Ok, insert another reason why said item that you chose would be bad….but not bad enough to make you get rid of it.


HTIC (Head Thinker in Charge)

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